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Shows de magia en Miami


Dani DaOrtiz combines super technique with crazy humor, is another of the great card workers that Spain has given the world.


Lavand performed his illusions with the sole help of his left hand. However, the attraction of Lavand's shows lies not exclusively in the amazing way in which he has overcome his disability, but in the stories with which he dresses his illusions.

"You can't slow it down"



Known for the combination of spectacular illusions and narration. His most famous illusions include making la  disappearStatue of Liberty, levitate on the Grand Canyon and cross the great wall of china.


Michael was named as one of the "100 Most Influential Magicians of the Century".he has published 40 video titles and dozens of books.


 is a illusionist Argentinian specialized in stage magic. His worldwide fame is due not only to his magnificent presentations  but to two of his inventions: candles and magic wands of appearance and disappearance.  Fantasio obtained for the first and only time in history  four awards, in the same magicians championship.


He is a creator, an incredible artist and He is the manufacturer of the Nielsen line of products, which includes among others, Vanishing Bottles, Rubber Doves and Manipulation Cards. the world's largest collection of posters of the world.


Julio Fernando León, artistically known as Lipan, was born in Argentina on June 18, 1948. Career of the artist, who achieved great international success, director of shows, creator of illusions and magic engineer in the world, had a distinguished career .

"A dream come true"

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